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Ceramic House got its start back in the 80s, when Master Potters Lim Kim Hui and Shee Bee Heo started their apprenticeships in Ming Village and fell in love. They worked in separate departments - him on the pottery wheel and her specialising in blue-and-white porcelain decoration - but took the same bus home every day. And the rest, they say, is history.

After getting married, they started Ceramic House in the old premises of a since-defunct studio in the Tampines industrial park where it still stands to this day. Despite not having experience in mixing glazes, firing kilns, and many of the skills fundamental to running a pottery, Mr. and Mrs. Lim were not dissuaded. Through reading numerous books on the craft and persevering through thousands of glaze trials and experiments, they were able to hone their skills to the point of mastery.

Tucked away amidst the unlikely company of car and motorcycle manufacturers, Ceramic House is an oasis of calm - a place to laugh and joke around, and focus on crafting art with one's own hands. Teaching their students all they know, they have built a tight-knit community of pottery lovers and artists. Some of their students have gone on to establish their own studios in the burgeoning Singapore ceramic scene.

Since its very beginning, Ceramic House has stayed true to its craft, eschewing industrial production for true handmade, thoughtful pottery. Each piece is unique and made with pride.

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