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Works by Master Potter Lim Kim Hui

Tenmoku 天目

A type of iron-glazed stoneware, Tenmoku was named after the Chinese mountains where it was first created during the Song Dynasty. Brought to Japan by Buddhist monks, these ceramics were and have been revered in the Japanese tea ceremony.


Coaxing the elusive 'oil spot' or 'hare's fur' effects out from the simple iron glaze is an ability few potters ever achieve, as it requires extensive mastery of the kiln. To this day, Lim Kim Hui is the only Singaporean potter who has managed to produce wondrous, shimmering Tenmoku wares.


Chawan 茶碗

For more than 400 years, the Japanese tea ceremony has gone hand in hand with the humble chawan, or 'tea bowl'. Embodied in every vessel is ritual, history, life - a 'hand-held universe'.

Lim Kim Hui enjoys the liberating, meditative process of creating chawan, imbuing each one with its own spirit. He has exhibited some of his pieces in Taiwan, China and Japan.

Other Works

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