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A showcase of the diverse skills of the potters at Ceramic House, Tougei 2018: MODition seeks to fuse traditional styles with modern techniques. 'Tougei', transliterated from the Japanese characters for 'ceramic art', hints at the aesthetics and inspirations of the artists, yet leaves room for exploration of their own voice within the centuries-old narrative of clay. Featuring works by Master Potters Lim Kim Hui and Shee Bee Heo, as well as their students, this is Singaporean studio pottery at its most imaginative. ​

Since pottery was inadvertently discovered thousands of years ago, it has served as a timeline of our species' creative inclinations and connection with the land. Clay is fragile, yet enduring; it is pliable, yet has a mind of its own. Thus humbled by the medium, the ceramicist learns to embrace patience in the attempt of perfection. Potter and clay submit to the fiery unknowns of the kiln, a magical, transformative process that surprises and delights every time.

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